Empower Tanzania is incredibly excited to be partnering with One Day’s Wages to provide support to underserved students in Same, Tanzania! We are thrilled that our program was selected for this matching grant opportunity!

The total grant goal of $15,000 will support the Same Learning Center. To receive a matching amount from One Day’s Wages, we need to raise $7,500. Please consider donating to our campaign here.

Join us to empower 50 children at the Same Learning Center toward a brighter future!

Same Learning Center

This program serves vulnerable children in Same town through the Same Learning Center. Students meet at the urban learning center after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to improve their English and Swahili reading skills so they can excel in school. On Saturdays, students receive additional tutoring and nutritious meals (uji porridge and either makonde or pilau), and participate in daily life skills instruction such as animal husbandry, games, gardening, and social skills.

The goals of the program are to: 1) increase the academic success of the underserved, impoverished students of government schools in the Same District by providing English language tutoring and academic support, 2) increase the number of students who pass the Standard 7 exam and move on to secondary school, 3) teach the students their rights as a child such as the right to be heard and to be loved, to speak out against any forms of abuse and bullying, and to instill in them that their lives matter and to not ever lose hope.

Empower Tanzania provides each child with school uniforms, shoes, notebooks and pens, lunch support for every school day (food issued to each of six schools at the start of the term), and hygiene materials monthly (soap, oil, toothpaste, menstrual pads for girls).

Why Tanzania?

Tanzania has a young population. Half of its 54 million citizens are children. The country is home to 12 million adolescents (10-19 years), an age group expected to reach 30 million by 2050. It is estimated that up to 71% of children in Tanzania suffer two or more instances of severe deprivations of their basic needs. The challenges that vulnerable children and adolescents face in Tanzania is complex. Risks include poverty, poor health, neglect and abuse. Children’s vulnerability is intertwined with social, cultural, and economic factors, plus the effects of the HIV epidemic. There is an urgent need to support children and families so that they have access to adequate nutrition and education.

One Day’s Wages

One Day’s Wages is a grassroots movement to alleviate extreme poverty. They focus on impacting communities and changing lives by cultivating partnerships with community-based organizations around the world and offering matching grant opportunities. Visit One Day’s Wages website to learn more.