We want to invite YOU to consider being a part of the Wezesha Circle, our group of individuals who believe in what we do so much that they have committed to monthly or yearly donations. There are thousands of reasons to engage at this level, and we’ve listed a handful here:

  1. GIVING FEELS GOOD—Gandhi once said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others.” This wisdom rings true for people volunteering time, but those donating money also reap psychological benefits. Several studies show that people report feeling physically healthier, an improved sense of well-being, and lowered stress levels when they actively give to others.

  2. BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF—Re-allocating your resources each month in order to give to programs that help lift men and women from extreme poverty in rural Tanzania widens the world you occupy. It’s remarkable what a small gift from an American can do in a developing nation. And we benefit, too! When we’re less interested in ourselves and more interested in the world around us, our minds are opened to new ideas and new joys.

  3. GIVE KIDS OPPORTUNITIES ONCE CONSIDERED IMPOSSIBLE—Because of generous donors, kids like Maria Shabani have access to the Same Learning Center. There, she enjoys English language tutoring, educational support, nutritious meals, and a sense of supportive community. Our loyal donors make a beautiful change in this world by creating opportunity for kids!  

  4. WORK WITH UNCLE SAM—If you are age 70½ or older, the IRS requires that you take out a portion of your IRA assets each year. Because you made these contributions to your retirement account without paying taxes, its taxable upon withdrawal. HOWEVER, if you donate all or some of this required minimum distribution to a nonprofit, there will be no tax on that amount donated! (In other words, we’re here for you!!)

  5. KEEP OUR DOORS OPEN—We employ 11 Tanzanians living and working in Tanzania. While many people love to generously donate to specific projects and programs, we need a pool of donors who want to pay salaries, buy office supplies, and keep the lights on. If you understand the importance of organizational planning and the ins and outs of operations, the Wezesha Circle is for you!

  6. PROMOTE GENEROSITY IN YOUR CHILDREN—If you’re a parent, an aunt, an uncle, caretaker, grandparent or neighbor, you have influence over the next generation. When kids see you donate to causes important to you, they’re more likely to be givers as they grow!

  7. SHOWING UP FEELS GOOD—Don’t have time to volunteer? Write a check instead! Sometimes life is busy. Sometimes your schedule simply won’t allow the time it takes to show up and get your hands dirty. Don’t feel bad….donate! By committing to monthly giving, you’re showing up in a way that your schedule might not allow.

  8. EVERYBODY POWERS UP!—When you give monthly to the Wezesha Circle, you empower Empower Tanzania to make meaningful change in a very poor nation. When you give monthly to the Wezesha Circle, we empower YOU to make social change. You’re empowered, we’re empowered, our brothers and sisters in Tanzania are empowered! Everyone’s empowered!

  9. LIVE LONGER—It’s true! The University of Buffalo found that acts of kindness led to less stress and a longer life! You’ll get a little boost every single month with your long-term Wezesha commitment.

We’d love to welcome you to the Wezesha Circle here. Email leslie@empowertz.org for details on how to sign up via check, ACH, or automatic withdrawal. Want to sign up with a credit card? Simply click HERE.