Remember this fabric (above), hand-dyed by these ladies (below)?



What fun it was to see the gorgeous fabric pictured above turn into the beautiful clothing pictured below!

Kwazzo Design purchased fabric hand-dyed by our 100 survivors of gender-based violence. These 100 women have undergone culturally appropriate counseling over the last several years, have gained confidence and independence, and are now entrepreneurs who are making money for themselves and their families! 

When designer Justine Siboma, who grew up in a refugee camp in Tanzania, heard about the women producing this beautiful fabric, she was motivated to use it in her shows and her collections. A talented designer who is on the rise, we were thrilled when she took interest!!

On Saturday, April 24th, at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline, Ill., Kwazzo garments made from Empower Tanzania fabric hit the runway!

Miss Iowa (Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw) was in attendance and was taken by the fabrics. We were thrilled to have a display and be able to tell the story of the brave, talented, hard-working women who produce such beautiful fabric.

Our Director of Communications, Leslie Klipsch, was on hand to receive an award on behalf of our staff in Tanzania and the 100 survivors-turned-entrepreneurs. What an honor it was to tell the story of Empower Tanzania and be acknowledged for the hard work happening in Tanzania.

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