Since Empower Tanzania was established in 2008, thousands of rural Tanzanians have experienced improved healthcare, education, and economic opportunity through our models of development and sustainability.

Our most dominant governing principle is to listen, listen again, and listen a third time before offering a suggestion. We believe that this posture of growth, paired with our undeniable ability to strengthen and support, is what makes our organization effective and our work sustainable.

We’re humbled by what we’ve accomplished and the support that we’ve received. But there’s much more to be done. We want to further empower our Community Health Workers and reduce maternal mortality. We want to educate vulnerable children ripe with potential but lacking support. We want to assist more farmers in growing nutritious food, as well as reaping the financial benefits of sound business practices.

We have the opportunity to make tangible, remarkable change, but we can’t do it alone.

Today, we’re launching The Wezesha Circle and our hope is that YOU, our generous and steadfast supporters, will join us in loving our global neighbors. In Swahili, “wezesha” means “to empower” or “enable” and it’s what we believe in. Join us in this life-giving work by empowering us to effectively assist those who need it most. Your support will impact generations of people!

YOU CAN JOIN at any level of monthly donation you’d like. Here’s what different monthly amounts will accomplish each month:

Our mission is to work in partnership with Tanzanians to develop models that sustainably improve the quality of life and resilience in rural areas. We can’t do it without you. Join us in this life-changing work!

Questions? Download complete details HERE or email for additional information. Ready to commit? Click below!