Sometimes, when we are moved to make a difference, we’re stopped by the idea that there is little we can do that will actually matter. We think, “Really? Who am I? What difference can my tiny contribution make?”

Well, Empower Tanzania board member Sheri Krumm is blogging today with a great example of the power of one individual and how little acts of love can add up to something that does indeed matter…in a very big way!

From Sheri:

I was so inspired watching people donate their birthdays on the Empower Tanzania Facebook page that I decided two weeks before my  55th birthday that I wanted to do something similar.

With very little time to plan, we put together a Crowdrise Fundraiser (it took about an hour, tops) and sent invitations to a few friends to join us for an impromptu dinner to celebrate. Typically, when we gather with friends, we all bring something to share. But this time I told my friends to skip the potluck and just bring the cash they would have spent on meal prep and give it to Empower Tanzania—my husband and I were happy to provide the food and wine.

Despite the short notice, nearly 40 of us gathered for a great night. We raised $650 on Crowdrise from a whole lot of very generous friends, and then finished with a party where we raised another $355. In total, we raised $1,005…and we had a ball doing it! It’s amazing what this will accomplish in Tanzania. The  generosity of my friends  will touch many, many lives. Not only did I have a wonderful time celebrating my 55th birthday with people I love, but we all took a small step toward making this world a better place. I’m glad I wasn’t stopped by the voice in my head questioning whether or not my actions would mean anything. What we did mattered.

Empower Tanzania can conduct an annual refresher training for 30 goat farmers We can build a small tank or put in a distribution point for a water project Empower Tanzania can pay for 1/3 of the medical supplies for the CHAP project for a year Our staff can train an entire village to use rooftop rainwater harvesting We can get 20(!) new chicken farmers started Empower Tanzania can build a garden for the kids in the Most Vulnerable Children’s Project Our staff can do an economic strengthening project with the women in the Gender Based Violence Support Groups

Feeling inspired? We’d love to help you leverage your next celebration to benefit Empower Tanzania. Let us know how we can help!