When Chad came back from an adventure in Tanzania last summer, he knew he wanted to somehow give back to the beautiful people he encountered and act on the need he had seen. Last Friday night, he and his wife Andrea took a huge step in support of the people of rural Tanzania who lack access to clean water—and they had an amazing time while doing so!

Chad, an ELCA pastor who recently completed his pastoral residency, and Andrea, a lawyer, are moving away from the community that they have enjoyed for the last two years. In saying good-bye to their friends, they invited them to a party that would solidify the couple’s legacy of love and kindness. Guests were treated to sweets and savories, drinks, live music, and a great atmosphere and were asked to donate to the clean water cause through a suggested cover, a raffle, and the chance to buy a bundle of handpoured beeswax candles.

The $3,000 that Chad and Andrea raised will help Empower Tanzania pioneer a clean water project in Pangaro, a rural Maasai village in the Kilimanjaro region of northeast Tanzania. For years, the women and children of Pangaro have been burdened by walking nearly 20 miles every other day to collect water.  They, like so many others, suffer because of the lack of this basic resource.

According to new estimates by the global advocacy organization WaterAid, “The shortage of clean water contributes to an ongoing health crisis in Tanzania, where about 22.3 million people—nearly half the country’s population—lack access to clean water and about twice as many don’t have access to adequate sanitation.” We, with the help of people like Chad and Andrea, aim to do something about this.

The funds raised on Friday night will support a new energy efficient deep water well system for over 1,000(!) people. All donations made on behalf of Chad and Andrea will go toward the hydrogeological study, engineering, and first stage of constructing a water well.

We are so thankful for Chad and Andrea and their incredible friends! Because of generous supporters like them, lives in Tanzania will be dramatically improved. We can do so much with so little! We wish these two nothing but the best as they move to a new community—their new city has no idea how lucky it is to gain this beautiful couple!

Want to host an event for Empower Tanzania? We’d love to help you make it a huge success…and a lot of fun.  Let us know how we can help by contacting leslie@empowertz.org.