And Empower Tanzania loves Jim Clark!! That’s right, Jim Clark of Ft. Collins, Colorado, is now Empower Tanzania’s favorite person EVER!!  (well, at least until we get a new favorite person…but seriously, right now, he’s the one!)

As the official Water Wench of Empower Tanzania, I want to thank Jim for his support of our water project in Katahe.  As a former board member, Jim has long been a strong supporter of our programming, but in a moment of crazy enthusiasm, probably brought on by the long hard winter this year, he agreed to raise $10,000 for the people of Katahe and their water project!!

Of course, we at Empower Tanzania want to help any way we can, so we are asking YOU to help us through Community Funded, a Ft. Collins based crowdsourcing platform.


     How, you ask?  


  1.  Register Your Support during our Coming Soon phase….which is now.  We need 100 people to register their support before May 10 so that Community Funded knows we are well loved.  Or serious.  Or something.  It’s a requirement, so please help us!

Step 1:  Click here to get to the project page on Community Funded. Step 2:  Click the “log in to endorse” right over the picture of the Maasai women.  You can log in with Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for a password. Step 3:  Once you are logged in, go to “Explore all Projects” and you will find us under COMING SOON….because we are coming soon.  Click us. Step 4:  Now that you have endorsed us, check out Jim’s video and read about the project.  We think you will agree, it is the coolest project in the history of Empower Tanzania.  Or maybe the world.


  1.  You will notice that this Coming Soon phase is not for donating.  It is for spreading the word, so let’s spread the word!  Send a link to this post to EVERYONE YOU KNOW, post it on Facebook, share it all over the place.

  2.  We go live from May 10-31, and during that time, we take donations.   I’ve included this dollar sign as a visual aide, but if you live in another country, or just want to pay in Euros because it’s cool, we are ok with that.  You can either go back to the Community Funded site on your own on May 10 to donate, or you can respond to one of the many reminders we will send out by Facebook.  And email.  And small messenger boy on a bike.  And maybe even carrier pigeon.



As always, we are nothing without the support of our friends.  We appreciate you, and look forward to telling the stories of the people whose lives changed when this project finished.

Sheri Krumm Water Wench