At ETI headquarters in Same, it is a day to be grateful for the generosity of an American Diplomat named Todd Benson at the American Embassy in Dar Es Salaam.  Todd was leaving the country recently, and decided to donate his gently used vehicle to an NGO working in the area.  He loved what ETI was doing….so today we have our first official company car!

Thank you also to all the people in Dar Es Salaam at the American International Health Alliance who helped us store the car until we could get the paperwork done, pay the taxes, and send a driver, and to the Pare Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Same that helped with transportation.  In addition to our Director of Development, Elibariki Kisimbo, and a whole host of ETI Board Members who spent several days trading emails over the details of the transaction, many many hands worked to allow this to become reality.

Seriously?  Nothing gets done in Tanzania with a team of people working together!