The 2012 World Food Prize will soon be here, and Empower Tanzania is pleased to be hosting the Iowa ~ Tanzania Summit for the second year.  This is a day to celebrate the amazing link between the state of Iowa the country of Tanzania.  Churches, non-profits, companies, government agencies, and of course MANY PEOPLE make up this unique relationship, and our goal is to give them a way to connect, share ideas, learn about what we are doing, and get to know each other.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 1:30 PM - Program 4:30 PM - Networking Reception Des Moines Marriott, downtown Salon D, 2nd Floor

Keynote Speaker will be:

Her Excellency Mwanaidi S. Maajar Ambassador to the United States from the United Republic of Tanzania

This year’s program includes speakers from Tanzania and Iowa, and other rural development specialists.  Like last year, it promises to be a great event for connecting and getting to know each other, and we hope for a big crowd.  Admission is free, we just need a head count in advance for room size and refreshments afterwards.


Welcome -Phil Latessa, President, ETI

Greeting - Kenneth Quinn, President, WFP

Speaker Introductions - Glen Rippke, Vice President, ETI

”Tanzania Today” - Her Excellency Mwanaidi S. Maajar, Ambassador to the United States from the United Republic of Tanzania

“Nutrition, Health and Education: Global Experience for Global Resource Systems Majors” - Dr. Dorothy Masinde, Lecturer and Internship Coordinator for Africa, Global Resource Systems Major, Iowa State University

“Hermetic Corn Storage for Smallholders in Tanzania” - Dr. Carl Bern, Iowa State University Agricultural and Biosystem Engineer, University Professor and Registered Professional Engineer

“Tanzania – Gender Based Violence: Issue for Action” - Dr. Allan Hoffman, President, Emeritus-Santa Barbara Graduate Institute; Founder & Former Dir., Ctr. for the Prevention of Community Violence

Discussions and Announcements:  Audience Program Initiatives

**Adjourn for Networking Reception**