YouTube may be better known for its host of viral cat videos, but Empower Tanzania uses it for more. In fact, YouTube houses an extensive collection of videos that we use to empower our community health workers in rural Tanzania.

With a team of volunteers and experts, we’ve translated dozens of health videos into Swahili and shared them with the 30 Maasai women providing community health worker services in Tanzania. These women provide public health education and basic healthcare to their fellow villagers in 21 rural Maasai villages and are educated, in part, through videos uploaded to their iPads. The Maasai community health workers have learned a great deal and the videos have been of great value to the Community Hospital Alliance Program (CHAP).

Empower Tanzania uses a set of videos focusing on public health education, with a public health focus that complements the healthcare orientation.  Here are a few of our titles:

Safe Water Techniques (explanation of disease transmission and techniques for making water safe including boiling, filtration, chlorine and solar) Hand Washing (fecal-oral transmission, hand washing technique, settings, water dispensing, safe water storage, soap and cleansers) Nutrition HIV/AIDS Malaria Prevention Gender-Based Violence People with Albinism Family Planning Schistosomiasis Superstition Personal Hygiene (Urinary tract infection, menstrual hygiene, reusable menstrual pads by Days for Girls)

Follow along on YouTube and you’ll find all kinds of instructional videos communicating essential healthcare in Swahali. CLICK HERE for our FULL LIBRARY.

By taking advantage of simple technology, an excellent film crew, and a script that can save lives, we can provide people with a wide range of health knowledge!

Check out more of our videos by going to YouTube and searching the Empower TZ Channel or following the link HERE.