In the remote village of Katahe, in the NE part of Tanzania, everyone understands what this means.  The village is in a semi-arid area, and inhabited by both Maasai tribe, and Pare tribe.  There is a river nearby, suitable for watering the animals, but the water is muddy, and full of runoff and disease, so it is extremely unsafe for humans.  Never mind the crocodiles and snakes that live there.

Empower Tanzania is in the final planning stages of a new water project in Katahe.  On a recent visit, Board Member and American staffer Sheri Krumm visited the site with volunteer Sarah Svorinic, and staffers from the Tanzanian Empower Tanzania office.  It was quite a celebration in this little village, with hope running high!

A survey was done recently by the Pangani Water Basin Authority, and they determined that water was very likely in plentiful supply at 150 meters (500 ft) below some bedrock.  It should be clean and safe to drink, and more than enough for the needs of this village, even including the people who will move here when they learn that there is water available.

Fundraising is underway, and Empower Tanzania expects to begin drilling the borehole in early 2015.  Phase one of the project will include a windmill to power the pump, and a storage tank with faucet to make the water available for the people.  Phase two, later in 2015, will add a raised storage tank and distribution system to extend it to more of the village, along with chlorination, and education for the community on safe water usage, and well as sanitation and conservation.

What a life-changing project for these people!  Stay tuned as the project unfolds, and please consider a donation to help with the work.  Nowhere does your dollar touch lives in a more basic way.  Water truly is life in rural Tanzania.