If you are in need of some major administrative skills, all bundled up with a kind heart that loves to support and help others, and a wicked sense of humor, you want Chris Catrenich on your team!!

Chris is the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Yogesh Shah in the Global Health Department at Des Moines University in her day job.   In her spare time, she raises her kids, runs, and donates her immense organizational skills to many causes, including ETI.  She has been especially helpful to us in organizing the Iowa~Tanzania Summit at the World Food Prize, which is no small task.

Chris also traveled to Tanzania in 2012 with a delegation working on the PEPFAR Palliative Care Project.  She works with the medical students from DMU who travel to Tanzania to intern at the hospitals there, and she wanted to get a first hand look at where they were going.

Of course, the benefit was ours, because now that she has seen what we do and understands it first hand, she has become an invaluable asset to our volunteer team.

THANK YOU CHRIS for you willingness to serve, and the joy that you do it with!