Greetings from Tanzania!

I am so happy to see our students having fun in our center. I know for all of us it is a great pleasure to see these students happy and successful in their lives after graduating from our center.

Graduation Day at the Same Learning Center (SLC) was very special and unique to all of us. All of us here in SLC were so exited to hear the goodbye speech written by Todd Byerly, our executive director, and presented by Elibariki Kisimbo, our country director. The speech was so caring and filled with love, wisdom and courage to our students and all of us. It is a pleasure for all of us to see these students have a good life and will be a catalyst for development in our society.

During the ceremony we prepared programs presented by our beloved students like comedy, talent show, songs, poems and music. All of this brought joy and happiness to everyone at the ceremony. We had two teachers from six schools we are working with, parents of 30 students, and representatives from Compassion Tanzania. Parents and guardians have been very grateful and happy for how we have helped these children in education, both financially and by building them up to be better parents of the future.

We were happy to have Marietha Shayo (Primary School Special Education Officer) as our guest of honor. She inspired our students in her courageous and inspirational speech. We regard her as a good example of a successful woman  a role model for our girls to learn from her.

During the ceremony, Empower Tanzania staff, our guest of honor, and primary school teachers contributed money for Pre-Form One fees and all necessary stationaries for three months (October-December) to all 30 students. This was great to all of us in the ceremony. We were very happy, but we also had a heartfelt to say goodbye to these beloved students. We contributed this money as our gift to all graduates.

Truly, through this program we are contributing significantly to the lives of these students and the entire community. This is such a wonderful and unique program that practically demonstrates our mission and goal to improve the lives of rural Tanzania and empower our communities.


Yoeza Mnzava, Education Programs Director 

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