Education Director Yoeza Mwanza passed along the following letter, written by Zakayo:

*Dear Same Learning Centre Family, *

It’s my pleasure to say thank you for what the organization has done for me. This year 2019 I am going to graduate my primary school/class seven. To some extent my dreams come true since it is I dared for so long, for sure I never expect even to graduate class seven due to my family background - pastoralist community.

In the year 2017 I real lose hope to continue to school because my parents refused to pay me anything for school, they wanted me to go to graiz our cattle. No one in my family graduated from class seven, most of them they don’t know even read and write. I explained to my primary school head teacher my problem then connected me to Empower Tanzania with other 10 students from our school. SLC has assisted me with school expenses. I was real feeling Happy. Same Learning Centre rescued me from that situation I had and mentored me. I real appreciate your effort to me since that time to now because they made me feel strong and back to the Life.

I love Tourism industry as I am staying close to Mkomazi National park I real enjoying staying close to animals and tourist. It’s my dream to be a tour guide. I lack good words for saying thank you. I do appreciate the donors, staff worker and all Empower Tanzania family for engulfing me in all ways and supporting me in all I need.

Thank you and be blessed, 


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