What a pleasure it is to hear directly from our students. Read what Tatu has to say about her experience in our after-school + Saturday morning tutoring program, the Same Learning Center:

As a student, I have been coming to Same Learning Centre (SLC) for 2 years now and they [teachers] have helped me reach my goal of having a good school uniform, shoes, school stationaries, person hygiene utensils, school lunch and many other things.

I will soon be doing my Class 7 examination and I am confident that my scores will be high. Same Learning Centre has allowed me to become a better student and help those around me. Before joining SLC I was feeling myself nothing before every one I see, but SLC helped me to recognize myself that I am better.

For sure SLC has done a lot for me of which I never expected. I think in my future life I will be a teacher as the way of giving back to my community, especially to vulnerable communities. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get me where I am today. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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