This post was prepared and translated from Kiswahili by Education Program Director, Yoeza Mnzava:

“I study at a government school with a lot of kids in one class, with not enough text books and sometimes we don’t have enough teachers for all subjects. I want to change that so I will be a teacher in my future as a government school teacher. I only have one mission, to leave my community better than I found it,” Agnes says with a smile.

Agnes is a 15-year-old being raised by her grandmother in the Majevu Ward, a poor and semi-rural area not far from Same Town, which is where Empower Tanzania is based. Agnes wants to use her education to break down the barriers of gender inequality in her community. “It is a great honor to be a girl who has been supported by Same Learning Centre through my education. Some of the girls of my age are already wives and already have a family, but I am proud that I will leave Same Learning Centre as an independent woman when my time is through,” Agnes explains.

Agnes has these words to share as she takes her first steps towards her bright future: “I am one of the blessed ones. The Same Learning Centre has taught me to receive freely and give freely! If I were to tell our supporters one thing, I would say, I am really grateful. I want them to know that I won’t let them down and will make sure that what I have gained from Same Learning Centre, I will invest to change the community around me.”

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