As we celebrate two years of success at the Same Learning Center, we are eager to share an update from Yoeza Mbonea Mnzava, the Education Programs Director in Tanzania:

We thank you all for your efforts and contributions, all of which help the Same Learning Center (SLC) stand today. The group of students we are working with have different historical backgrounds, different beliefs, and different statuses, but we manage to bring them (all 80!) together as a Same Learning Center family. It takes energy and funding to bring this big family together as one, but through your tireless contributions we continue to make this vital program move forward! 

Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished since we began two years ago:

>Student enrollment has gone from 40 to 80 students

>We have seen an increase in the confidence of our students to express themselves before people, something they were previously unable to do

>There has been drastic improvement in reading and writing in English and Kiswahili

>Through parent meetings, we have educated parents on the importance of education and now they allow both girls and boys to attend schools, hence attendance and academic excellence has rapidly improved

>All 80 students have a school uniform, shoes, and schools stationaries so that they may attend their local, public schools

>We provide lunch to all 80 students in their six respective schools, which is something most did not have access to before joining the SLC

>We succeed to bring hope and courage through guidance and counseling to students who have faced brutal action from their family and community 

>We provide hygienic materials to all 80 students and are especially sensitive to the needs of our adolescent girls

We believe that education can liberate any person from poverty. Our happiness is to see our students grow up in all aspects of life, especially academically, as the way to have better life in future.

Please consider a donation to Empower Tanzania so that we can celebrate more success from the Same Learning Center in years to come! (Donations may be made by clicking HERE.)