Drillers, water technicians, citizens from the Same and Mwanga districts, and representatives from the Pangani Water Board Authority gathered earlier this summer to learn about drilling viable wells.

Empower Tanzania, the Ames Rotary Club, and Rewerts Drilling Company were able to bring in several Iowan drillers to conduct a seminar. The seminar centered around basic drilling techniques that are not common in dry areas of Tanzania. Over 25 people from all different locations and backgrounds were there for the two-day seminar led by Iowa driller and Empower Tanzania volunteer Justin Rewerts.

This training also covered topics such as ways to effectively work together, Tanzania governmental regulations, and grout management techniques. Attendees were given as much information as possible about drilling, including instructions and materials about the wells and related topics. Hours were spent teaching local people about borehole development, which is the process of locating the water needed to build a well.

The Reaching for Water Project began in early 2015 with the digging of a borehole at Katahe. Early experiences taught project managers that education in proper drilling technique must be the next step, as viable wells can be difficult to maintain.

Training Tanzanians to build effective wells is Phase 2 of the project. Moving forward, Empower Tanzania will have a practical training, which will involve drilling wells for the Katahe and Pangaro Massai villages. Technicians and repairmen will also be trained to ensure that leaks or small problems can be easily fixed.

New wells will create tremendous opportunity for the surrounding communities. Members will be able to use private showers and latrines. They won’t have to compete with the surrounding wildlife for water, or share their drinking water with their livestock.

The infrastructures created from the wells will also keep the Pangaro Clinic open, a necessary resource for the surrounding community.

We can’t wait to see how this project impacts the lives of the Katahe and Pangaro Massai communities! Stay tuned!