As children across the globe prepare to go back to school, we’re celebrating success in Msindo! Not only are the 50 children chosen for this program able to attend their local schools, but they are experiencing so much more! Here are six added opportunities that these special children have access to thanks to our generous supporters:

  1. Modern latrines—Msindo Children’s Club has secured funds to build a modern latrine for their church! Construction has already begun and both the kids and teachers are grateful to Empower Tanzania and Grace Lutheran for this wonderful gift and basic convenience.

  2. Interaction with different cultures—University students from the USA visited the Children’s Club this summer. They came with Empower Tanzania’s Director of Development, Elibariki Kisimbo, and ETI’s accountant, Mama Flora. The children were happy to meet new people and hear news from the United States.

  3. Enrichment—The Children’s Club provides uniforms for the most vulnerable kids in the community, which allows them to go to school during the week! (Without uniforms, children are not allowed school entrance.) This is in addition to the extra programming on Saturdays  that allows the kids the opportunity to learn about gardening, animal care, health and hygiene, and even entrepreneurship. Our three teachers teach and care for these children well.

  4. Growth–The children who participate in the MVC get to grow vegetables and keep what they’ve grown… plus they get two meals every Saturday. This keeps their bodies nourished on a regular basis. The supplemental education helps them problem solve and provide for themselves with the help of the community. They are growing both physically and mentally.

  5. Gratitude–Teachers report that the children are “praying for our almighty God to keep on blessing and strengthening Grace Lutheran Church and all the people who are supporting the needy children of Msindo Ward through Empower Tanzania.” The kids and the community at large are grateful for new opportunities!

  6. Community–Perhaps one of the most important parts of this club is the community that comes together to care for those who shouldn’t have to take care of themselves alone. Nelson Mandela tells us that “there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” The Msindo Children’s Club is beautiful proof that the Msindo, Chabaru, Mararo, Duma, and Mbakweni communities value their children and will take care of their precious futures.