At Empower Tanzania, we believe that nothing of greatness was ever done by just one person.  It takes a whole team of people to do the really big stuff in life, so we want to help enable people who work in Tanzania, including those who are FROM Tanzania, to find each other and strengthen their relationships to do more effective work. For this reason, we are very proud to have been selected by the World Food Prize to host the Iowa~Tanzania Summit again this year.  Iowa has a large number of people working on development in Tanzania, and we hope our efforts will help facilitate this work. We will continue to update the website with information as the time gets closer, and there are several ways you can stay in touch.

**Here is the official invitation: **

You and your organization are invited to the Third Annual Iowa Tanzania Summit, in conjunction with the 2013 World Food Prize Tuesday, October 15, 2013. 

The program includes speakers from Tanzania, Iowa, and other rural development specialists. This even is free to the public, but registration is requested.