As we all know, clean water and sanitation is more important now than ever. Empower Tanzania continues to work with rural Tanzanians to ensure that as many people as possible have access to clean water. Our project managers, volunteers, and donors have been a huge help in providing clean water (and thus health and safety!) to thousands of rural Tanzanians over the years. We continue to be so grateful. 

Because of such support, we finished a major project in the village of Nadaruru in 2019. (Read all about how clean water has changed lives for people living in Nadaruru in the biggest and smallest of ways HERE.) Staff in Tanzania are now working on a broken down water source in the village of Ruvu, which is home to over 3,000 people. Although the main problem with the existing Ruvu water source was the broken down windmill, our team in Tanzania found many other damaged pieces to the system after our technicians and the local government water engineer did a survey. Our team on the ground in Tanzania has done an incredible job of re-engineering the system so that the community of Ruvu will have access to clean water.

Here’s the nitty gritty: In the process of making a clean water source accessible to the people living in and around Ruvu, we have increased the tank capacity at the Ruvu public school by adding two new tanks for a total of five. Therefore, the existing tank stand needed to be expanded to accommodate five tanks. The tanks have been fitted with connectors and floats. Concrete chamber boxes have been repaired and new 1.5” HDPE water pipes have been installed from the borehole to the five tanks. Miscellaneous parts for the new distribution pipe system are: 4 gate valves, water meter, non-return valve (check valve), coupling couplings, 3/4” pipes with couplings and connectors. As is typical in our projects, the community will help store and secure all materials. They will also dig all trenches that are needed for the pipes. We have found this sort of involvement and ownership is best practice.

The total project will end up costing about $25,000. (That’s about 58,006,949.02 Tanzanian schillings for those interested!) Thanks to individual donations, the 2018 Water Party, and the contribution of Iowa American Water, we’ve been able to pursue this project and will see it through.

Work continues in the village of Ruvu and we can’t wait to share news of project completion!

Photos by Integrated Farming & Water Projects Director Joseph Johnson Kimbwereza.