(Empower Tanzania is fundraising for an innovative farm project that you can read about HERE. Below are the hopes of our Farm Project Director, Joseph Johnson Kimbwereza.)

Thank you for reading about our campaign to help fund our farm plans at the Empower Tanzania Farm. We believe our Kirinjiko farm will be of great benefit to the people of Same District for all of the following reasons:

1. The Empower Tanzania farm plot at Kirinjiko will be a model and demonstration farm where farmers from Same District and surrounding districts will come to learn and practice productive farming techniques.

2. This project will create employment for farmers within and around Same District. Ultimately, we will employ managers, caretakers, laborers, and watchmen/watch-women.

3. This farm will be a source of food and nutrition to many people and farmers; people’s health will improve.

4. This project will help reduce hunger in Same District. The people and farmers within and around Same District will not suffer from hunger and scarcity of food anymore.

5. Eventually, this project will be a source of income for our Empower Tanzania organization, as the crops grown will be sold to help sustain and uplift our agriculture programs, as well as our other programs.

6. This project will help many vulnerable and needy people and families due to the crops produced—some of which will be given to the most vulnerable and needy people.

7.  The land at Kirinjiko will develop into a “Smart Center.” We will use this program to teach animal husbandry (dairy cattle, dairy goats, modern sheep, chicken, ducks), best practices for vegetable gardens, grain amaranth growing, various cash and food crops, batik making, welding, clothes making and repairing, various art works and many more.

8. Eventually, we believe this farm plot could be an attraction and tourism center where many people from Same District and other parts of Tanzania can visit and take part in the education offered.

9. This project will bring more good people, friends, Samaritans, and even donors from Same District and from all over Tanzania and East Africa!

10. Last, but not the least, the farm plot at Kirinjiko will be an environmental conservation and climatic change center where environmental conservation and climatic change education, skills and knowledge will be taught, given, and practiced.

Please click HERE to support the Kirinjiko Farm Plot Project. Thank you!