In this uncertain time, food security is more important than ever. Responding to the belief that no one should be a victim of hunger, Empower Tanzania has invested in six acres of verdant farmland in Kirinjiko, just south of our headquarters in Same, Tanzania.

Our staff in Tanzania has begun to develop this land as a center for training farmer-entrepreneurs. With your help, they will soon invite local farmers to re-imagine ways of producing food and increasing crop yields through modern techniques. With the right infrastructure and education, farmers in Tanzania can grow enough nutritious food to feed their families and communities, preventing hunger and malnutrition and prompting investment in education and in their communities.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to launch this program, which will lead to giant gains in crop production, better health, and stronger communities. Here’s how we’ll start:

In order to reach this goal and invest in subsistence farmers in rural Tanzania, we’re asking for support. Whether you grew up in a farming community or simply enjoy the abundance of sweet corn and garden-fresh tomatoes this time of year, many of us have a deep-rooted connection to agriculture. With that understanding, we ask that you’ll consider supporting this work. As you’ll see below, a dollar goes a VERY long way in Tanzania. We hope you’ll consider helping us reach our goal and make a difference!

Please click HERE to support the Kirinjiko Farm Plot Project. Thank you!