We couldn’t be more excited to report that just a few months after the money was raised, clean water is flowing in the village of Nadaruru!

The generous people who attended the Water Party in Davenport, Ia., funded this project entirely. Our staff in Tanzania, along with the support of the entire village of Nadaruru and a team of talented local well mechanics, completed the complicated project in a very timely manner. We are so pleased!

Here’s what had to happen in order to make this happen…

The Problem: A borehole and hand pump was constructed and worked for less than a year before it broke. There was no money for tools or the skilled labor to fix the well. For years, water was scare in the village of Nadaruru and the following was the result…

>Women and children had to collect water from a source that is approximately 10-14 km away. (Pictured above.) When spending so much time walking for water, women are not working and children (mainly girls) are unable to attend school.

>To supplement, people had to use puddles/hand-dug holes. Diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid and other water-borne illnesses make people sick. Children are especially vulnerable and often die of these conditions.

>People could not build “modern houses” and the village could not make progress with infrastructure because there was no water to lay bricks.

>Women and children were raped early in the morning and late in the evening when fetching water.

>Women and children were attacked by wild animals while fetching water because of the village’s proximity to Mkomazi Game Park.

>Children did not perform well academically as they were tired from walking far distances to look for water.

>Children did not get meals at school because there was no water for cooking.

>The health clinic did not have much-needed water for sanitary health conditions.

The Fix: Empower Tanzania staff, led by Joseph Johnson Kimbwereza, the Integrated Farming & Water Projects Director, took the following steps alongside government officials, well drilling companies trained by Empower Tanzania (made possible with past Water Party funds), and community members:

>Engineered a new system; purchased a solar pump, solar panels, and control equip

>Procured proper testing of functionality and water quality

>Purchased tanks, pipes, and valves

>Administered civil work (foundation, new building, values boxes)

>Engineered and built distribution points

>Engaged with community for proper buy-in and training; established a local management committee

We are so grateful to all involved in this project! Water is life!

To support our efforts, please consider a donation to Empower Tanzania. A donation of approximately $30 can provide water for one person and completely change that person’s life! Click HERE to join us in this life-changing work!