Empower Tanzania received an invitation from the District Council to participate in the “Celebration of Environment Day” this month. The guest of honor was the regional councilor of Kilimanjaro, accompanied by Same District Councilor and Same District Executive Director. People and organizations invited to participate were from all over the Kilimanjaro Region. We were honored to attend!

Two staff members and two members of our Beyond Gender Based Violence (BGBV) program from the village of Stesheni attended the celebration as representatives from Empower Tanzania. The group had a table at the event and were able to advertise and sell the different products the 100 trained entrepreneurs have been working on. Marketing for the day focused on the environmental friendliness of the reusable menstrual pads, batik fabric, and water filters.

The women received wonderful feedback throughout the day. Many people (especially students) loved the reusable menstrual pads and appreciated how economical they are. People commented on the design and quality of the batik and tie-dyed fabric. In fact, there were other organizations selling similar fabric, but those made by our BGBV entrepreneurs attracted the most attention because of their quality and design!

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