If you’ve followed Empower Tanzania for long, you know that we provide  tremendous opportunities to advance the rights of women across the globe. Why? Because we believe it’s important to empower women and to lift one another up. Projects that benefit women are crucial and we’re grateful to our staff, program managers, and donors who are exceedingly generous with their time and resources. We’ve spent nearly a decade educating and empowering women across the Same District of rural Tanzania. Allow us to introduce you to four of the most empowered!

Photo of Nietiwe
Photo of Nietiwe.

Nietiwe is a successful farmer in our Integrated Farming Program. Her training, skills, and hard work pays for her four children’s school fees, healthy food for her family, and even a motorcycle to use to gather fresh grass for her livestock!

Photo of Monika
Photo of Monika.

Monika Togolani is a Community Health Educator (CHE) who uses her small, portable projector to give 12 presentations each month to different community groups on topics such as safe water handling, family planning, and nutrition. Together, our 33 CHEs educate over 17,000 attendees each month! Monika and her colleagues receive a stipend for their work and an abundance of respect from their communities.

Photo of Rehema
Photo of Rehema.

One of 34 trained Community Health Workers in our Community-Hospital Alliance Program, Rehema provides basic healthcare and an important link between her remote village and the Tanzanian system of healthcare. She saves the stipend she earns each month until she can afford a bag of sugar, which she buys and then sells the contents of for a profit!

Photo of Amina
Photo of Amina.

Amina is a survivor of gender-based violence and is now an entrepreneur. After she and 99 other women received extensive counseling from ETI staff, she was been trained in the production of liquid soap, batik fabric, and reusable menstrual pads and has studied successful business practices that will help her earn enough income to thrive! Help us expand our programming by making a donation OR purchasing a pair of beaded earrings. (Because of the sponsorship of Onion Grove Mercantile, your entire purchase will go towards our women’s empowerment in rural Tanzania!