Which animals are changing the lives of agricultural entrepreneurs in Tanzania? Goats, ducks, and chickens. Each animal helps farmers greatly increase their status and income. Eating meat, milk, and eggs benefits their health and the extra income can improve all aspects of life, including allowing parents to send their children to school. A third quarter visit to 31 farms conducted by Steven M. Kihoko, PLFO Same District,  and Mr. Joseph Kimbwereza, project manager, was successful.  “All the farmers appreciated this individual visit because I reminded them some of the important procedures of how to manage their project, therefore they requested me to make frequent visits and also they requested the donors to continue supporting the verterinary officer in charge for supervision activities,” said Mr. Kihoko. Goats — Goats are the new cow. They produce milk and are able to many have kids, which means more milk and more livestock.  The farmer-entrepreneurs can sell their kids to other budding farmers, promoting a cycle of prosperity.

Chickens — Eggs everyday, chicken for a hearty meal when you need it, and new chicks being born all the time! Chickens are a fantastic investment for new farmers in Tanzania. They begin paying for themselves almost right away and produce easily sold products (eggs and more chicken) nearly daily!

Agricultural Entrepreneurs —Our farmers attend frequent trainings about their livestock, learning how to best take care of them and stay on top of all of the feeding, vitamin-giving, and collecting the products. In undertaking these projects, the farmers are taking risks so that they can have more secure income later. They are learning the nuances of spending money to make money…and it’s paying off.

Farmers are starting their own businesses by selling their food products to nearby community members and neighbors. As reported during this farm visit, extra income helps them save for future need, pay for school for their children, and/or repair housing issues.

In this most recent update from Tanzania, there were few problems. The animals are doing fantastic because the farmers take great care of them. Basic animal education is paving the way for better living circumstances. “Because it has improved their life status, whereby they have increased their daily income and national status by eating meat, milk, eggs using farm yard manure for their horticulture, also we found that some of them have being able to construct modern houses and pay school fees,” wrote Mr. Kihoko in his report to stakeholders.

We love hearing about such success. If the integrated farming project continues to progress this way, more and more rural Tanzanians will be able to fund their own farms, creating their own food, incomes, and securing their futures.