We were delighted with an update on the Hedaru and Masandare farmers from Integrated Farming Manager Joseph Kimbwereza last week! Joseph reports that the farmers and animals in our program are thriving. It is currently very dry in this region of Tanzania, but the animals are healthy because the farmers know how to care for their livestock in these conditions. Our empowered farmers are motivated to do what is necessary to provide for their animals. Joseph writes the following:

The only hardship and challenge the farmers are facing is drought…It is very dry (it is a dry season) so the farmers have to walk and go some kilometers to fetch, cut, and bring grass for their animals. These farmers are doing great work and they are doing it with one heart.

We hope that rain comes soon and, in the meantime, are happy to report that the investment in these farmers and their animals is paying off beautifully. Economic empowerment means dignity and income, and opportunities like Empower Tanzania’s goat project (and chickens!) lead to sustainable growth and a bright future for rural Tanzanian farmers and their families.