In Tanzania, our team of Community Health Educators (CHEs) is working hard to distribute updated health information all over Same District. Over 20,000 posters and handouts will ultimately be distributed to thousands of people across the district. Each Community Health Educator will take on the responsibility of distributing an average of 500 posters and 150 handouts within her territory. In doing so, all protective measures (wearing masks, hand-washing, and social distancing) will be observed.

“The COVID-19 notice we distributed last spring was a success as the CHEs put posters all over Same District. It was perfect timing and these actions helped the people of Same to have knowledge of COVID-19 and how to stay safe. During our previous distribution, schools were closed but now we can distribute more posters to schools, all institutions in the wards, and along the streets as we did before,” says Health Programs Manager Efrancia Nzota.

A version of the handouts is pictured below:

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