Our staff continues to find innovative ways to spread important public health information throughout the region in which we work. After distributing over 50,000 flyers through in April, staff has since orchestrated the distribution of accurate health data through spoken word. With the support of the District Executive Director (DED) and the District Medical Officer (DMO),  Empower Tanzania staff rented a vehicle and a sound system and logged HUNDREDS of miles in three different districts spreading accurate public health information. Health Programs Manager Efrancia Nzota recorded the important message (*see translation in English below) and was pleased with the results.

“In all of the places the activity was conducted people were happy to be reminded about the Corona Virus and how to protect themselves. We give special thanks to the DED and DMO from these three districts as they were very supportive and will welcome us back again whenever necessary,” said Efrancia.

The announcement covered the districts of Rombo, Mwanga, and Same. In Mwanga District, all 16 wards were covered. In Rombo District, all 24 wards were covered. In Same District, all 32 wards were covered.

Efrancia explained that she chose to conclude the messaging with a song at the end of the audio announcement by a famous Tanzanian artist known as Ray Navy. He released the song earlier this year when the news of Corona Virus started to be reported in Africa. In it, he sings about the Corona Virus and that people should take protective measures in work place, avoid unnecessary gatherings, wash hands with soap, etc. “It’s a very educational song during these times,” Efrancia reflects.

We’re grateful to all who donated to Empower Tanzania’s Covid Emergency Relief Fund. Because of you, we can pledge continuing support and emergency activities as necessary. Again, we’re thankful to our compassionate donors during this difficult time.

In addition to the information campaign, we’re committed to the following: 

*The script in English: “Corona is a disease that spreads easily and can kill you. The main (most common) symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Almost half of infections are spread before the infected person has symptoms, so you don’t know who is infected. There is no effective treatment, so protect yourself by staying at home. If you must leave your home, wear a mask at all times, stay at least 2 meters from other people and wash your hands frequently.”

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