Board of Directors

President – Glen Rippke

Glen Rippke was a founding member of Empower Tanzania, Inc. (ETI), and has served as a member and as vice president of the board of directors before being elected ETI president. Glen’s primary focus has been in development and economic empowerment in rural Tanzania.

Glen has managed the Grain Quality Laboratory at Iowa State University since 1993. A native of northwest Iowa, Glen grew up on a diversified farm and has worked in agriculture-related positions throughout his career. Glen works in the field of near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, utilizing it to analyze the composition of corn, soybeans, and other crops.

Glen has worked with Tanzanian farmers since 2007 on several projects aimed at improving methods, increasing production, and establishing markets. One project has been to increase milk production by improving forage diets through the introduction of an improved elephant grass variety and mixing it with a native legume. In collaboration with milk producers, dairy markets are being developed for pasteurized milk and yogurt, and a milk processing plant is being built to help develop this emerging market. Another project involves increasing maize production with fertilizer and hybrid seeds, utilizing crop share agreements, and improving grain storage. A poultry project will produce broilers and eggs, while introducing micro-credit financing.

Vice President – Todd Byerly

Treasurer – Michael Welsch

Secretary – Erik Goodale

Board Members:
Carl Bergstrom
Mary Hansen-Mincer
Kindra Hook
Sheri Krumm
Jake Klipsch
Godfrey Mwamsojo
John Meyer
Bryan Moon
Jodi Morgan-Peters
Carol Putz
Monique Reese
Mary Terry