Who We Are

Empower Tanzania is about volunteers. We have a volunteer Board of Directors and a group of incredible individuals working on committees and leading projects, as well as donating services and expertise. Without these dedicated people, nothing we do would be possible. In addition to our excellent volunteers, we have staff in both the U.S. and Tanzania working to maximize our impact. Together, we make a difference!

Our tanzanian staff

Elibariki Kisimbo, Country Director, Tanzania | Joseph Johnson Kimbwereza, Integrated Farming & Water Projects Director  | Efancia Nzota, Health Programs Manager

Nteghenjwa Mjema, Administrative Assistant | Flora Zephania Mmbaga, Accountant | Yoeza Mbonea Mnzava, Education Programs Director

Meshack Henry Mkongo, Teacher (SLC) | Riziki Joseph Kimbwereza, Assistant Coordinator (SLC) | Mary Mrutu, Secretary & Asst. Coordinator (SLC) | Catherine John Wales, Health Programs Coordinator

Our stateside team

Todd Byerly, Executive Director | Dr. Jeffrey Carithers, Health Programs Director | Sheri Krumm, Integrated Farming Program Manager

Leslie Klipsch, Director of Communications | Carol Putz, Integrated Farming Program Manager | Phil Latessa, Director of Development | Amy Sivertsen, Accounts Consultant

board of directors

President – Jodi Morgan-Peters

Jodi Morgan-Peters served as a board member and as vice president of the board before being elected president. Jodi’s primary focus is in education and economic empowerment in rural Tanzania. She is an award-winning teacher in Newton, Iowa, and is the leader of the Empower Tanzania Club at Newton High School.

Vice President – Jake Klipsch | Treasurer – Michael Welsch | Secretary – Mike Gaul

Board Members:
Andrew Bice | Jennie Peakin | Jake Klipsch | Jill June
John Meyer | Mike Gaul | Jodi Morgan-Peters
Carol Putz | Frank Klipsch | Charles Bursch


We’re humbled by what we’ve accomplished and the support that we’ve received since 2008. But there’s much more to be done. We want to further empower our Community Health Workers and reduce maternal mortality. We want to educate vulnerable children ripe with potential but lacking in support. We want to assist more farmers in growing nutritious food, as well as reaping the financial benefits of sound business practices. We have the opportunity to make tangible, remarkable change, but we can’t do it alone.

In Swahili, “wezesha” means “to empower” or “enable” and it’s what we believe in. You, too, can join this life-giving work by empowering us to effectively assist those who need it most. Join the Wezesha Circle by committing to a tax-deductible, monthly donation to Empower Tanzania.


Phil Latessa | Kindra Jacobsen | Mike & Deborah Welsch |  Denise Murray Edwards | Robert Craig Penny Dickey | Heide Bursch | Amy & Andrew Sivertsen | Glen Rippke | Niruba Gopinathan | Mark & Jan Burnham | John & Anne Hartson | Sara Olson-Smith | Frederic & Martha Hoerr | Eric & Rebecca Gerke | Elaine Olson | Patty Johannesen | Jaymie & Jason Wilson | Karen Clark | Jill Hook Linda & Joe Coen | Susan Ekstrom

Click here for the 2016 Annual Report