What we do

Empower Tanzania works with many different groups and organizations on projects in Tanzania. We partner with rural communities and other organizations to measurably and sustainably improve the lives of Tanzanians.

CultureCulture. We promote a culture of excellence, diversity, openness, integrity, and innovation within our board, staff, and partners.


ResourcesResources. We manage our resources with fiscal responsibility and efficiency to ensure maximum impact on investment with a minimum of overheads. We keep our overhead at 15% (or less), allowing the vast majority of funds to be used on projects.


Innovative SolutionsInnovative Solutions. Our programs strive to provide sustainable, resilient, and innovative solutions for rural communities through a participatory and holistic approach.


EmpowermentEmpowerment. We actively seek to build local capacity in Tanzania and empower rural Tanzanian communities, including previously disadvantaged groups.

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment looks different in every community, and tends to be woven into nearly every project. Current focus areas include farming as a family income source, livestock and horticulture, community-based alternative education programs, irrigation, infrastructure, and access to clean water. Here are a few examples of how we work: In 2010, the Nanny Project began as a […]

Health For Life

Lack of access to health services in rural areas is a difficult challenge to overcome in Tanzania and Empower Tanzania considers it a major cause preventing economic development and resiliency in a community. This lack of access is compounded by limited, often inaccurate, information about healthy behaviors. We address both of these challenges in our […]

Education for Tomorrow

Empower Tanzania believes that when you empower a woman, she changes her children and, ultimately, a whole village can be transformed. That is why we focus the majority of our resources on educational programs that improve the lives of women and the most vulnerable children of society. Below are just a few examples of how we work. […]

Become a part of what we do

We’d love for you to join our mission. Thanks to people like you, Empower Tanzania can continue its work to empower the people of rural Tanzania. You give hope to those who struggle every day due to lack of health care, education, and economic development. Your weekly, monthly, annual, or one-time donation gives us the […]