Teen Pregnancy in Tanzania

Education Programs Director Yoeza Mbonea Mnzava has been involved in working on a solution to the on-going and critical issue of “early childhood pregnancy” in the Same District. Out of the five districts in the Kilimanjaro Region, Same (where Empower Tanzania is based) ranks first in childhood pregnancies for girls in primary and secondary schools based on data collected in 2017. Currently, government officials and local partners (like Empower Tanzania) are working together to seek solutions. One solution is to provide education to both parents and students.

Same District (pronounce sah-may) is highlighted in red. The Empower Tanzania office is based in Same and it is where we conduct most of our programming.

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How do we empower women?

We’re currently in the midst of a Mother’s Day campaign in which we’re working hard to raise $3,000 for our women’s empowerment programming through the sale of some pretty beautiful jewelry made in Tanzania. Because of our generous business sponsor, Onion Grove Mercantile, we’re offering supporters the chance to donate $30, receive a pair of earrings, and be assured that their money will go toward the women of rural Tanzania. Continue reading

Reaching for Water

Read here to learn about EMPOWER TANZANIA’S plans to bring clean water within the reach of thousands of rural Tanzanians…

by Sheri Krumm, Empower Tanzania Board Member and Clean Water Advocate

waterLKThe Reaching for Water Program was inspired in 2009 by a visit to the people of Katahe, a small Maasai village near the Pangani River in the Same District of northeast Tanzania. Katahe is a sub-village of Hedaru where Empower Tanzania had begun working on a water project. During our time in this village, we grew to know and love the strong, resilient people of the desert. Continue reading

It’s official! The Msindo Children’s Club is open!

We are thrilled to report the launch of our second Most Vulnerable Children’s Club, which opened in Msindo last week. This kids’ club will provide supplemental education, two nutritious meals, and support for 50 children identified by their community as in great need of assistance. The program also provides the children with their uniforms for primary school, enabling them to attend classes during the week. We’ve seen tremendous success at our original kids’ club in Mramba and are overjoyed to open a second location!


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CHAP=Community-Hospital Alliance Program

Community Health Workers learning to do basic things like monitor blood pressure, so they will be able to refer patients to a local hospital if needed.

Community Health Workers learning to do basic things like monitor blood pressure, so they will be able to refer patients to a local hospital if needed.

The Community-Hospital Alliance Program (CHAP) is now operational.  Because of the lack of access to health care in the Maasai community in Tanzania, CHAP was created to train local women to provide very basic health care in their communities, and officially connect them with nearby hospitals for support.  With this education, they can work in their very isolated villages to help people understand water born disease, take blood pressures, and help people decide when to go seek medical attention for health problems. Continue reading

IWHP Fights Malaria

The Improving Women’s Health Program (aka IWHP for you acronym lovers out there) will blow your mind with its impact on the battle with Malaria in Tanzania.  Truly AMAZING!

Malaria is a disease that kills a child every 30 seconds in Tanzania. But malaria can be prevented—just by using treated mosquito nets. The Improving Women’s Health Program (IWHP) is doing its part by educating people in Same District about what to do. Continue reading